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Sheldon!! LOL

Mark Sheppard

(gif set) Dean Winchester

Harry Potter funnies lol ;never seen any of the movies or read the books but this is too Funny!!!

Jensen's face says it all.

34. No one has ever looked this good in a gym uniform. | Community Post: 55 Reason Jensen Ackles Is The Best Person Ever


#LOL - #TheWalkingDead

[gifset] God, is it on me? I feel like I’ve got the crazy ON me. 6x09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe... #SPN #Dean #Sam #SoullessSam


Harry Potter

Funny Pictures – 40 Pics

This is perfect.

Rock . Paper . Scissors . Lizard . Spock

moon pie

"would you prefer the standard 'I told you so' or 'I have informed you thustly'"

Mine only sometimes rides in a '67 Impala, hunts, and wears a trench coat, but still.


#The walking dead #Garreth eats Bob #gross

HOUSE MD - the one about the shoes is soooo true!

Mark Sheppard wins. And they forgot Warehouse 13! Also Star trek Voyager, Sliders and X-Files.

star trek zombies | Walking dead zombies cut grass funny humor picquard star trek | Funny!

The only reason I love this post is because I used to hate Carl...and everyone knows lori's a beotch lol

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