• Maureen Dennis

    Family dog resting on pet elephant. Bruce Weber, Photographer

  • FruitBroo Australia

    Unlikely animal friendships #elephant #dog #love

  • Kimberly Hamlett

    Dogs are everyone's #bestfriend. Bruce Weber, Photographer

  • Jessica Oake

    This makes my heart really happy #animalfriendships

  • Judy Riddell

    Hey, the view from up here is great!! Bruce Weber, Photographer

  • Helga Zimmermann

    A dogs best friend !

  • Janice Hartley

    "*Tai,* the elephant and *True,* the golden retriever from the 2004 movie "A Letter to True." Directed by True's owner, *Bruce Weber." The movie was filmed in *Long Island, New York.* [Photograph courtesy of: ~crescentmoon06~] 'h4d'120916

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Red Fox Creature of quiet cunning Spirit of observation and silence You teach us that looking and listening Are sometimes more powerful than speaking And when it is time to act You are clever, quick and agile Showing us how to use our instincts and knowing To get what we desire While still living in balance and harmony With our surroundings and our inner power. --Carol Cavalaris


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