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from NYT Cooking

Bits and Pieces Party Cheese Ball

NYT Cooking: The cheese ball is a stalwart of the Midwest cocktail party, where it can be fashioned from processed Cheddar cheese and port wine, or pineapple and cream cheese. This recipe relies on the leftover ends of good cheese or even just one kind of good-quality, sharp cheese like Gruyère. The idea of adding butter comes from Vivian Howard, the North Carolina chef who feature...

More like annoying babble of the masses, where is that coming from and how do I shut up the idiots?!

I'm not on team light or dark. I'm on team #We'reAllBlack and beautiful. Let's recognize that we all have personal struggle under our umbrella of blackness but unite and support one another. I'm tired of slave mentality.

I knew this day would come mother warned me about this. Anyone else would probably back away and run back to where they came from, but not me. I knew this man needed something from, from what my mother had said. I was the only one who could help. I was special, but I knew he was too. I was facing a choice. Talk to him and see what he needs or back away and pretend this never happened. I knew I should go with the second one, but someone needed me and this was me chance to escape from this…