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Many newborn photos are photoshopped, just like this one. Don't ever do something to put a baby in danger. Photoshop is much easier and safer. ;)

To understand life and purpose. Beautiful angle and idea.

I have always loved this pose but I think I like it even better with the dad in it too!

First skin-to-skin...good for babies and mommas

Nothing beats a daddy loving on his new baby ♥

Boys tryin' to be like their Deaddy''s how I got my Freddie Prince JR. SCAR on my Chin! HAAHAA! /;P

Amazing how this photographer was able to get the face, hands, and feet all together in one small frame. Just beautiful composition on this one!

touchn2btouched: “Of all the gifts of nature to the human race, what is sweeter to man than the children?”  __Ernest Hemingway ____________

Baby Photography. I like how the black and white ones color is monotone white, but the texture adds interest to the picture

The perfect first baby photo package. Simple, beautiful, concise, sweet. I would have been happy as a client with just these 8 photos.