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Ingredient Spotlight: Canned Biscuits, Crescent Rolls etc

Big list of recipes (46 to be exact) for canned biscuits, crescents etc..... I'll be glad I pinned this one night!

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Dr. B Teaches Toddlers Patience (It's About Time!!!)

Teaching Toddlers Patience

What can baby do? TONS! Here are over 50 fun activities perfect for young babies (and toddlers too!)

yay! been looking for a more healthy way to get "fried" okra to use up what we have gotten from our garden!

HUNDREDS of baby, toddler and big kid recipes - By far the best website for fun, healthy food for kids!

A list of healthy baby-friendly foods, broken down into helpful categories: breakfasts, snacks, meals, sides, and desserts.

Freezer Cooking- Includes Individual Toddler meals for quick lunches and some awesome crockpot recipes! Already healthy or easy to adjust to be healthy

put nine different green foods (grapes, broccoli, apples, celery, and so on) in a muffin tin and asked my kids to sample each. I was stoked when they started trying (and loving) veggies that had never before touched their lips. Then I made a chart with smiley and frowny faces for my kidlets to circle based on their findings. I was surprised to see that my daughter Priscilla had more smiley faces circled than not — and she's even been begging to taste test red foods next.

This is the BEST baby or toddler food! I puree sweet potatoes. Then add spinach, zucchini, one banana, 3 eggs, vanilla extract, cinnamon and oats. Bake it up like pancakes. For your baby, break into small bite sizes. Toddlers can eat them whole.

This mom gets mom of the year for her lunches. Lot's of good ideas that I never would have thought of! about 100 pictures of ideas! =)