1938 compact 35mm Compass Camera by Jaeger-LeCoultre

Le Coultre Compass Camera Some vintage cameras are "steampunk-ish" enough not to require any additional tinkering. This one, for example, was made in the and manages to fit scores of features in the least possible space

♂ Compact 35mm rangefinder Camera c.1938 :: made by Jaeger LeCoultre for Compass Camera Ltd. from http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/2668427

A stunning display of mechanical ingenuity which would be unseen today in a world full of electronic devices Compact rangefinder Camera :: made by Jaeger LeCoultre for Compass Camera Ltd.

ロボットに変身しそうなカメラだな〜  idk but it looks cool

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Whaaaaaaat..... I think I need it.

Rare Swiss Jaeger LeCoultre Compass 35mm subminiature camera no.1187

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Vintage Hasselblad V System 500 Series Medium-format SLR Camera with Planar Chrome Carl Zeiss Lens


Plywood on the Moon. - NASA Hasselblad Camera - note the modified controls, including wooden gear knob on the side, added for ease of use while wearing space gloves.