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these make me laugh. :) SO FUNNY, esp. towards the end

LOL ...why does this dog have a cell phone, and how did he learn how to text?~~~~~I love Text from Dog. It always brightens up my day!!

Textastrophe. This is hilarious. The site finds phone numbers people leave on flyers and such and then texts them. Seriously, go check out this site. It will make your day!


If only spiders could talk…

This would be awesome. Spider: But Annabeth... I just want to give you a hug. Annabeth: Percy!! Oh my gods! Talking spider.*faints*

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Text Messages From A Cat

Text Messages From A Cat. Made me laugh out loud at work. Coworkers definitely know I'm a crazy cat lady, now they think im even crazier for believing that cats text. ...mine does...

Here are some funny and weird text messages from Disney princesses to their princes.

hes my hero <3

hes my hero <3
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Just Will Ferrel

hes my hero <3

how to deal with spam texts

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Single or Taken?


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They Ordered 5 Pounds Of Gummy Bears, And They All Came To The Same Hilarious Conclusion...BIG MISTAKE

So funny! I was in tears

Irrelephant literally made me lol!