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  • Gail King

    Cute Short Hair Styles for Women | 2013 Short Haircut for Women by beverlyh

  • Amanda Oltmanns

    Miss this hair cut ...LOVE IT! Short Bob Hairstyle Ideas | 2013 Short Haircut for Women

  • Veronica Islas

    So awesome! - Bob Hairstyles 2016 maybe i need to go a little shorter to be able to wear it down Short Bob Hair Styles 2013 | 2013 Short Haircut for Women LOVE THE VOLUME (FULLNESS) in the back but need feathery bangs in front! Might take a while for side & top layers to grow out! ALSO LIKE THE COLOR FOR FALL/WINTER BUT LIGHTER FOR SUMMER. | CHECK OUT MORE AMAZING INSPIRATIONS FOR TASTY Bob Hairstyles 2016 HERE AT WEDDINGPINS.NET | #bobhairstyles2016 #bobhairstyles #shorthair

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If my hair could do this (if I could learn to do this with my hair) I'd cut it like this! I also LOVE the color, but I could never go red

this is more what I had in mind for highlights...mainly one darker color with just a few streaks of a contrasting color (blonde in summer, red in fall/winter)

her hair cut is so cute!! it's really not good for me to see things like this the week i'm getting my hair cut. going to try and stay strong! growing my hair out, god damnit!

back cut / get rid of brassy hair

Very cute short hair style, really makes me lean towards a 'yes' on the bangs question.

Short hair...My length in October. Shortest I have EVER had it. It has almost all grown back already. Hubby wants me to do it again!!!! Hair is FUN, and I LOVE change,so We will see.

I'm planning to donate my tresses to Locks of Love in a month or two when I have ten inches to spare, and I think this might be the cut I get. Had something similar a few years ago and am ready to go back to short hair!

adorable short hair! :) hmm...really starting to consider the whole short hair thing...

Amy Starks, i'm totally on the dark side now. . .but growing my hair out is for the birds. :)