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North end of a southbound bunny......

Grey Bunny found in a garden outside an english country home.

Jackrabbits are so easy to spot, with their big, long ears. Baby jackrabbits can run immediately after being born. Adults can leap 3 meters (10 feet) at a time at speeds of 64 kilometers (40 miles) per hour. Being nocturnal, they feed mainly from sunset to sunrise. Watch for those big ears running away from your headlights at night!

Too cute!! I want to have a pet bunny soooo bad!

I want a pet bunny that just hops around the house and is litter box trained...,:)

i wouldn't put a flower on my bunny like this, but i like this picture because this bunny looks like our bunny momo

Bunny-sitting. by verslibre, via Flickr

reminds me of the bunnies at Vala's Pumpkin Patch that my nephews just adored when hubby & I took them recently.

I had to make a board titled "Cute things" just for this picture! baby lionhead rabbit

1/2 lop ear ~ I had a boy bunny whose ears stuck straight out. He looked like he was going to take off. ...