Only one word "Always" that is the best love story in the history of story romances. Really, in my opinion, the word "love" is a better love story than Twilight

Lmao! Love Harry always but elijahs comment was funny to and either way if either of them gets mistaken for each other its still a compliment lol. They should be grateful that the person they are mistaken for isnt an actor no one likes.

Just Some Daniel Radcliffe For You Guys - Love the one about a tiny, drunk best friend!

21 Professor Snape Moments In “Harry Potter” That Make Us Love Him Gotta love Severus

21 Professor Snape Moments In “Harry Potter” That Make Us Love Him

21 Professor Snape Moments In “Harry Potter” That Make Us Love Him // I love that I can hear his voice when I read these ♡ Snape was always my favorite, even before we see his memories.

I want one...

Harry Potter reading nook in the cupboard under the stairs! This is the best thing ever! I WANT THIS!

I have never seen anything so beautiful

Hahahaha This is to funny

Why so Sirius? So Raise your glass if you are Ron. Pink's Raise your glass- Harry Potter style

Harry Potter Tumblr #2 by Vlade harry potter fandom has finally lost their minds

Why does everyone think Harry stole the lollipop ! He didn't if he did you would see his hand coming out of the invisibility cloak or the lollipop would have turned invisible ! IT GOT STUCK TO THE FREAKING CLOAK!


One of the most under utilised and useless female characters EVER. I've read Victorian era novels with better female role models in it.

Pictures that will you make think differently about #HarryPotter

"Harry potter world . pictures that make you think differently about Harry Potter" << THE MOVIE! A couple of funny pictures of the cast will never make me think differently about the books.

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Simple math to explain Harry Potter is better than Edward Cullen and the entire Twilight series!