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I have also been here. Twice. A profoundly beautiful and moving place. The first time my Sikh friends and I arrived at 10:30 at night. The fog was very thick, and the baba was singing a low tone quiet hymn. The gentle light and soothing sound was welcome relief after an all-day cramped and at times harrowing car ride.

Brihadishwara Temple Thanjavur - Tamil Nadu - South India. Brihadishwara Temple (10th century). Tamil Nadu's most awesome Chola monument. The entrance gopuram were buit with famous Sandstone. Dedicated to Shiva.

Ellora, Maharashtra, India, is the most awe inspiring place I've ever been. This cave, No. 16 of 34, is a single sculpture carved out of the mountain over generations, including the huge rooms and the figures and designs within them. Nothing you see was added on or built. The rock is so hard, the artists' pick marks have yet to erode from the walls of the cave after millennia.

Beautiful Hare Krishna Mandir in Vrindaban. I have been here twice too but would love to spend my whole lifetime here.