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    College life...or life as a dietitian with college debt lol

    My first semester of Freshman year was actually the first and last time I bought the textbooks for all of my classes. After that, I learned. Oh, how I learned...

    As an aspiring chef and college student, I would definitely watch this - Imgur

    EVERY TIME. WHY AM I STUDING FOR THE WRONG THINGS?! Wait. maybe the teachers plan it.

    either all your classes in one day... but the REAL accomplishment is when you get to all of them in one week!

    The story of my university life summarized…

    I always write morbidly depressing posts late and night and have to delete them in the morning when I realize how ridiculous I was...

    shout out to Dylan Gibson for us being lame and going to DCCC

    ha! story of my life... OMG!! ^ -I didn't write that, but I was about to type it!! Ha I love when I find another pinner that has my humor!!! *leeanne*

    This describes my college life, okay and maybe post college life too.