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    Boo the dog!

    10 fun facts about dogs, a fact about dogs nose and smelling ability :)

    If you stare at this pic long enough it starts to freak you out. Whats with the legs!?!

    dog nailing it

    "Am I cute or what?!"

    the posh poodle #rococco return

    A Custom Dog Tracksuit...

    my. heart. just. MELTED. awe ♥

    this picture makes me giggle uncontrollably ... hahahahaha

    too adorable

    go go go go!!!!!!!!!!!

    The logical part of me tells me this is a Pomeranian, but the illogical part of me thinks it might just be a cotton ball with a face, of a puff ball

    True happiness

    Funny Animal Picture

    Trop cute.

    baby giraffe!