I should do Mercede's hair like this when it grows out. <3

the posh poodle #rococco return


Spencer does this in the grass ;)

A Ba-shar: a Shar-pei and a Basset Hound....This is the cutest thing ever!

hahaha awwww

Australian Labradoodle...@Kaila Marie omg too cute!

Oh my goodness.

It seems no one can begin a day without a coffee

This dogs fab hairdo. | 50 Most WTF Animal Pics Of TheYear

Shih-tzu little puppy

This is me on a daily basis.

Shih Tzu bad hair day

5 Cutest Teacup puppies you have ever seen | The Pet's Planet

wittle doggy

Oh my gosh!

Emo Kid

Weiner Dog!

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The cutest!