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Funny pictures about A woman without curves. Oh, and cool pics about A woman without curves. Also, A woman without curves.

Nothin wrong with that!! :)

Love these killer curves! And how true is this? Never thought about comparing our body to the sand in an hourglass but it's oh so true! Some of us have more, some less, but beautiful nonetheless!

Someone from posted a whisper, which reads "I think I'm the only woman that actually likes being called "plus size." A plus is an added bonus, a perk. I like being a little extra awesome.

I am pretty! !!

Sexy At Every Size. Yes, actually it is Andy from G ood Vibrations has started at campaign to get folks to understand that no matter your size you can be sexy.

My body will always be curvy, it's just the way I'm made....And I wouldn't change that for the world.

DL's Curve-Notes: "Refreshing to see that the fashion world is starting to recognize the curvy portion of the consumer population as a viable business segment. So, let's embrace the curve.

I love my curves. I really hate having "curves" implies that you are plus size. Any size that has curves in my eyes is beautiful, no matter what your clothing size is & what label society puts on you.

{Motivation Monday} Flaunt em…

When life gives you curves flaunt them. Body Quote big curvy plus size women are beautiful! by Ernestine Tiney

Ha ha ha

This shows us that women expect to be more emotional and want more sentimental things, whereas men just want beer and naked girls. We stereotype genders like this, however I don't think I've ever seen a girl not pleased by a naked man or a beer?

Starbucks & Cloth Diaper Addiction // so funny & so true!

What Do Cloth Diapers and Starbucks Have in Common

Starbucks Coffee Addiction sometimes you just NEED the cup with the green straw, So much truth. It's an addiction.