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  • Jessica Jensen

    wise words from duck dynasty: when you don't know what you're doing, it's best to do it quickly #quote

  • Alex Hascha

    DUCK DYNASTY quotes always make me laugh

  • Sabrina Patrick

    Duck Dynasty. I love Jace's sense of humor!

  • Kristina Roberts

    LOL! Love this *giggles*

  • Deborah Gardner

    Duck Dynasty. VERY funny stuff!

  • Khalie Smith

    Love me some Jase (Duck Dynasty). What a cutie-pie! A quote from Jase that still makes me smile, "It is important not to panic while being detained." LOL! Apparently, he has much experience with this. LOL!

  • Caroline Willis

    Duck Dynasty best thing since sliced bread (; LOVE THIS QUOTE SO MUCH. HA

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