So awesome! For the puppers.

DIY Built in dog bowls, elevated dog feeder, Kitchen dog station. Wouldn't it be Lovely

Doggie Room

Hidden Tv. This is pretty awesome for the bedroom!

built in pocket gate, for baby and dogs

Clever Built in Storage Ideas

DIY Dog Watering Station from kitchen plumbing AKA "The Doggie Bubbler" - with materials list.

What a great idea!

I like the idea of a fish bowl that doesn't take up space and doubles as a cool feature in the room.

Cutting board drawer over garbage... Genius

Installing a Dryerbox so dryer can be moved closer to wall. Helps prevent vent pipe from being crushed.

beige dreams

Puppy cave under the staircase! Such a good way to keep ugly pet beds out of the way.

Need this for the dogs!

The mixer sits on the shelf in the cabinet and pops up when needed. There is also a plug in the cabinet, so no need to even mess with cords!

Pretty cool.... idk what I would use it for, probably to store all my stuff that nobody else was allowed to touch :P

Easily installed into a wall to hold personal hygiene items. Genius!

Built-in dog house with doggie door to outside- would be awesome in a mud room. I need this!!!!

Walk in Pantry behind appliance wall. And the kitchen!

dog bed bliss... aww

built in dog bowls!