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Sigyn is the Norse Goddess of fidelity. She is the second wife of Loki. During his imprisonment she stayed with him and eased his suffering. Sigyn is known for her loyalty and compassion.

Nike goddess of victory by *GENZOMAN In Greek mythology, Nike (Greek: Νίκη , pronounced [níːkɛː], meaning Victory), was a goddess who personified triumph throughout the ages of the ancient Greek culture. She is known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. The Roman equivalent was Victoria. Depending upon the time of various myths, she was described as the daughter of Pallas (Titan) and Styx (Water), and the sister of Cratos (Strength), Bia (Force), and of Zelus (Rivalry).

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Nyx, Greek Goddess of Night, was a daughter of Chaos; and so a sister of Gaia. She was married to her brother Erebus (Darkness). Her realm was in the far West beyond the land of Atlas.

A mermaid is a legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a human and the tail of a fish. In other folk traditions they can be benevolent, bestowing boons or falling in love with humans. Mermaids are associated with the Sirens of Greek mythology and with the Sirenia, a biological order which comprises dugongs and manatees.

In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet was originally the warrior goddess as well as goddess of healing for Upper Egypt. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath formed the desert. She was seen as the protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare.

Nane was an Armenian pagan Mother Goddess. She was the Goddess of War, Wisdom, and Motherhood, and the daughter of the supreme God Aramazd. Nane looked like a young beautiful woman in the clothing of a warrior, with spear and shield in hand, like the Greek Athene, with whom she was identified in the Hellenic period.

Selene is the Greek moon goddess. She is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun-god Helios and Eos, goddess of the dawn. Selene is associated with Artemis and Hecate, and all were regarded as lunar goddesses, although only Selene was regarded as the personification of the moon itself. The name Selene is likely derived from selas (σέλας), meaning "light". Her Roman equivalent is Luna.

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Athena, Protector of Order

Athena a feminine warrior, daughter of Zeus. She sprang full grown in armor from his forehead, thus has no mother. • She is fierce and brave in battle but, only participates in wars to defend the state and home from outside enemies. • Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, strength, strategy, mathematics, the arts, crafts, and skill. • She was Zeus's favorite child and was allowed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt.

Cybele _ Anatolia. The great mountain Goddess, mother of all deities who sits upon a lion throne. Her story of the death and resurrection of her son-lover predates the Christian myth.

Athena _ Greek. Virgin goddess of war and wisdom, patroness of goldsmithing, she gave fire to humanity.