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ice cold can of coca cola...not pepsi, notsprite, not dp, not rootbeer...i said coke and i meant coke! :)

When a waiter or waitress asks if Pepsi is okay, I want to scream f*** no!!!!!

I wish I wasn't addicted to Coca-Cola because it is so bad for you but I LOVE it.

Advertising war-coca cola vs pepsi

Coke Cooler.....Bahahaha! I am not, repeat am NOT a pop drinker..I'm pinning this for the humor only. I do still believe tho that we should still have the right to feed our bodies whatever the heck we want. I bet the 'Food Police' would be fast at work finding laws to ban these if they are aware of them. Too funny!

photography....would be a cute pic to hang in craft room

wish I hadn't found out about the use of animal gelatine in coca cola

Love this graphic. But can't find it anywhere.

This can happen in real life. That's what makes it most funny.

♥ Coca Cola | Coke Retro advert | Enjoy Coke