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cover of Vogue magazine


20 Magnificent Magazine Covers in Recent Years

Bazaar March

Harper S Bazaar

Bazaar 2009

Bazaar Usa

March 2009

Issue March

2012 07

The March

Claire September

Simple magazine covers, yes.

Vogue April

Vogue 2012

Vogue Issue

J Lo

April 2012

April Issue

Usa April

2012 Issue

2012 03

One of the best vogue covers..

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Dovima Vogue

1953 Dovima

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Dovima Cover


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Cover of Idea magazine (1963) | Designers: Fletcher/Forbes/Gill

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Embroidered i-phone cover.

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Cover the girls in kisses for valentine photo

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Vogue Knitting bicycle pannier



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Chocolate Covered Potato Chips / Spoon Fork Bacon

Pojagi Pc

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Textiles Pojagi

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Pc Natural

natural dyeing Bojagi, patchwork window cover in hand sewing.