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Don't judge anyone.

Be your damn self!!!

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Hahaha yep!!


Gemini facts true! This is all me for sure!


The Happy Go Lucky Gemini...


Gemini Zodiac Facts

Long distance love

Zodiac Files: Gemini & Conflict.


I make sure to ruin your life in the long run

Need to get this

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i NEVER forget. i forgive the instant i understand things but never once have i forgotten. to forget is to pretend it never happened and open one's self up to repeating the instance, and betrayal is the deepest wound to endure. trust is never easy.

thats why? :/

GEMINI. Designed with the popular subway-style typography, this print delineates the traits (the good ones anyway) that are commonly associated with each astrological sign.

A good woman can fight her own battles.

Every girl should have her own world