Curl hair without a curling iron. Purchasing a curling iron is on my to do list.

Curl hair with a sock??!

no heat curls.

Hair Curling Tutorial | Martha Lynn Kale for Camille Styles

Natural looking curls? Yes, please! Things needed: Thin Elastic Headband 1) Get your hair a little damp (I did it dry & it worked fine) 2) Put the elastic headband around your head (partly over your forehead) 3) Get a section of hair and twist away from face 4) Loop it around headband and add hair to your next twist (My mistake was looping it around all at once. Once you loop it, take the remaining hair and add a little more, twist and then loop again) 5) Repeat around the entire headband 6)...

how to rag curl your hair

Up dos!

hair braids


Hair curling tutorial - must try!

how-to-curl-hair the right way.

beachy waves



40 Easy Hairstyles

Easy curls

Paper towel curls! So easy, just roll your hair in paper towels after a shower, and it absorbs the moisture. Then either sleep on them or diffuse them...

new project!

Fast, overnight curls.

How To: Big Curls by sleeping with tiny buns in your hair