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Disney's Tangled by *spicysteweddemon

Eugene Fitzherbert... my mom had a classmate in highscool named Biff Diffendorfer. LOL

Tangled. I have to admit I do feel like I act this way alot... Haha

Rapunzel and Eugene - Love this! They'd make a cute couple in real life. :-)

What a fantastic representation of the blossoming relationship these two have! :D Reminds me of another certain couple I know.... ;)

okay, do you guys think it is possible to paint this on a bedroom wall? like maybe with a purple background instead?

Me when I’m doing something I’m not supposed to do…

I would just like to apologize to my future children because it is more than likely that I will be this mom.

Je ne sais malheureusement pas qui créditer pour celle-là...

I love this so much. Maybe one of these days I'll paint my own version of a Disney character.