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Picket fence around a raised bed vegetable garden.someday I'd like to have a yard big enough for this!

Vegetable garden

Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies Very informative, brilliant ideas that I will definitely use! What a beautiful garden!

kitchen garden with fruit trees

Fairfield County, Connecticut - Pamela Page's Ho Hum Hollow Farms, featuring a kitchen garden inspired by the great monastic gardens of medieval Europe.

27 Garden Trellis and Lattice Ideas (Wood  Metal)

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have some decorum: Potager...That's Fancy for Veggie Garden

One of the main reasons that I moved to Provence was for the sunshine (and to see my friends Susie and Heather). Apparently, my new ‘hoo.

Garden Photos lots of pix on this site

Possibly in the corner of the back garden? Like the beehive baskets, the tepees for vines to travel, the raised beds and the different enclosures for the vegetables, the soft grassy path -- what's not to like in this awesome garden.

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Katharine Anne Keegan Rural Pennsylvania Comfort food maker, handy with a hammer, and she would rather be laughing. A lifestyle site.

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25+ Ideas for Decorating your Garden Fence (DIY)

Veggie Garden - Should You Start One? Fresh vegetables are more than a good reason to grow a garden, don't you think? Why start a veggie garden?