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04 December Facts

Louis Lumiere, of the Lumiere brothers, inventors, film innovators, and creators of the autochrome itself. c. 1910.

These 13 cooking hacks will make you feel like a professional chef in no time. You'll wish you knew about these sooner ;):

How Process Imbues Meaning: Daguerreotypes in Contemporary Photography

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The Hopi Indians are the oldest Native American tribe. Just like the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Mayans, they trace the roots of their culture back to time immemorial when the "Ant People" brought them to the surface.So, who were the "Ant People" who saved the Hopi?

30 incredible photos that you won’t believe are real

Chinese artist Liu Bolin, more widely known as the Invisible Man, works with the technique of «creative camouflage.»