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Able to control a 2000 lbs animal, unable to talk to boys. Photography compliments of Photos By Christy Please respect the post and don't alter.

Clarrie, ex racehorse....A bit unusual for a rodeo "bronc"....she's a thoroughbred mare who kept bucking off her jockeys, so now she has a new career. And she apparently is enjoying it. Said to be a record height for a bucking horse coming out of the chute! This girl is flying!

the possibility that I may be able to rope and rodeo keeps me going. I think about it every time I sit on my horse and spin the rope, for hours every week.

Life is a rodeo. Each day you get a new draw and new opportunity to win, carrying forth what you learned from your last run (yesterday)

This cowgirls got it right, she roped her a cowboy If I rope him can I keep him sign Made in America of 3/4" pine Hair on Hide or leather Hanger Cowgirl Blondie's Dumb Blonde Boutique .