8 indoor plants that make your house smell good :)

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12 Plants For Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep ------ One is Aloe Vera. Listed as one of NASA’s top air-improving plants, the fantastic Aloe works much like the Snake Plant – it emits oxygen at night, making for a more restful slumber. It’s also one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain – it tolerates ‘neglect’ well and so doesn’t require frequent watering.

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Got wasps? Here is a natural way to deter them: Slice a lemon in half and stud it with cloves and then leave outdoors. Wasps don’t like the smell and stay away! No need for chemicals.

During the late 1980’s, NASA began studying houseplants as a means of providing purer and cleaner air for space stations. What they learned is that there are many different houseplants that can help to purify the air.

Aloe Vera Plant Care Watering Schedule: In order for your aloe vera plant to maintain its moisture levels and be able to heal those wounds of yours, it is important to water the aloe once every 4 to 5 days. Also, don’t water the plant from below (if you have a tray below), but from the top as aloe plants roots grown sideways first, rather than deep down. (Go to source for aloe uses and recipes)

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Learn how to grow a lemon tree indoor and outdoors! So cool. I totally want to try this.

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We attach Tillandsia xerographica air plants to sustainably harvested spruce roots for unique living sculptures. http://shop.pistilsnursery.com/products/tillandsia-wood-mount

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