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    I Need A Vacation But I'm Broke. Wonder How Far Away Calgon, Xanax and Margaritas Will Take Me?

    haha so me

    haha true that!

    Every. Time.

    Why don't they do this? Why?

    This makes me laugh too hard

    I laughed so hard.

    This is me. All the time lol

    Future me at the gym lol


    story of my life

    I can't judge... I'd probably have the same reaction

    This is my life.

    Story of my life lol

    Why, yes, every little thing I do actually is magic. Was there ever a question about that?

    This is for every mom!

    100% me


    Before you tell me what I did wrong, you should first know that I don't care.

    HAHA Sooooo true!!