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Sciatica & lower back pain can be from piriformis syndrome. Learn the symptoms, causes, test, exercises & stretches that massage this bum muscle pain away.

Sciatic Nerve,  L4 through S3 spinal nerves

Illustration of sciatic nerve shows the spinal nerves, the sciatic notch, piriformis muscle, common fibular and tibial nerves. Description of sciatica and common causes of sciatica.

Stretching: How to Stretch the Anterior Deltoid #muscle #fitness

Stretch your chest and front shoulder muscles (anterior deltoid). Life Well is a Minneapolis based Wellness company that offers personal training, yoga and nutrition guidance.

A diagram showing the piriformis trigger points and their referred pain

Perry details the piriformis trigger points that contribute to low back pain, gluteal pain, hip pain, piriformis syndrome, and sciatica conditions.

Sitting's toll on the body

Treadmill desk employed to ease health hazards of sitting

Sitting's toll on the body Studies show that sitting for more than of the time at work increases the risk for physical injury and disease.

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Hip pain and pelvic pain relief treatment in Encinitas, CA provided by the Feldenkrais Center helps you to increase mobility, optimize movement, and eliminate pain quickly. Most find hip pain and pelvic pain relief in their first one-hour session.

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How to relieve low back pain instantly - 5 MOVES

Get instant low back pain relieve with these 5 exercises. Heal piriformis syndrome, sciatica and realign your posture. Ultimate exercises for pain relieve

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Piriformis Syndrome in Fibromyalgia  Been there :( Ouch!!  And sciatica and DDiskDisease...

Piriformis Syndrome in Fibromyalgia