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How a strict vegan diet made my children ill

Holly Paige couldn't understand why her children were looking so drawn and skinny, yet they had plenty of fruit and vegetables.but their strict vegan diet was ruining their health.

Health Blogger and Author Tara Mackey with natural remedies and living an organic lifestyle. [gtxvideo vid="LaVFLckf" playlist="" pid="Kf9xW5Rm" thumb="http://player.gtxcel.com/thumbs/LaVFLckf-120.jpg?cachebust=1455826438689" vtitle="naturalcures"]

You're ready to get into organic gardening right?

É comum você acordar e, de repente, sentir um cheirinho nada agradável saindo da boca ou mesmo quando fica muito tempo sem comer para o mau hálito vir à tona. Muitas vezes esse cheiro desagradável acontece em 9 entre cada 10 pessoas e possui várias causas....

15 passos para acabar com o mau hálito já

Do I have oral thrush? Oral thrush is a common infection that affects the tongue, gums, lips, and cheeks. Thrush affects both children and adults and can b

laura miller of 'raw. vegan. not gross.'

Sidesaddle Kitchen Promises Raw Vegan Food That Tastes Great - ThriveWire

This Common Weed Killer Is Also A Dog Killer

The weed killer, atrazine, is so prevalent in the environment that if you or your pets haven’t been exposed to it, you’re the exception, not the rule.

The truth about antidepressants - they mostly don't work    dr. mark hyman

Why Anti-Depressants Don't Work & How We Can Heal Ourselves'-Dr. Mark Hyman explains the problems with anti-depressants and how we can heal naturally by changing our diet and lifestyle.

When you have indigestion or another digestive problem, you want to avoid foods that are hard to digest. Learn how to make the right food choices.

11 Foods to Avoid When You're Having Digestive Problems

11 Foods to Avoid When Youre Having Digestive Problems - Digestive Health Center - Everyday Health