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Wearable, tricorder-like device elevates health and fitness monitoring

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed the first flexible wearable device capable of monitoring both biochemical and electric signals in the human body. The Chem-Phys patch records electrocardiogram .

Accidental Creation of a New Material That can Capture Water from Air

Researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington, have discovered a new material that rings itself out halfway before it becomes fully saturated with water.

U.S. Public Health Funding On The Decline

U.S. Public Health Funding On The Decline

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The best (and worst) smartwatches, fitness bands, and wearables of 2015

Sense by Hello wakes you up feeling great, improves your sleep, and helps you learn how the environment of your bedroom affects your rest.

This is a sensor for all things about sleep. When I am an established adult, I need to better prioritize my sleeping conditions and honor this large portion of my life! I'm pinning it for when I have the money and effort to honor my sleep!

Common Signs of Zinc Deficiency

Si studia vaccino contro i tumori che attiva super risposta immunitaria / It is studied the vaccine against cancer that super actives immune response.

Wearable Pain Relief

This pain relief wearable starter pack, discovered by The Grommet, is a drug-free device that helps treat chronic pain during sleep.

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Self-heating gloves - Solent News/REX Shutterstock

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This is WT VOX top 5 wearables to watch for in These are the most anticipated wearables to hit the shelves next year.