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Beans and the Second Meal Effect

The so-called "lentil effect" or "second meal effect" describes the remarkable effect of beans to help control blood sugar levels hours or even the next day after consumption.

Dr Greger's Daily Dozen Recipes | PART 2 | VeganFitness.com®

Check out these tasty recipe ideas for meeting nutritional recommendations on our Daily Dozen checklist. On the menu: chocolate & Fig Buckwheat Porridge, Tropical Bean & Rice Salad, and Sticky Tahini Aubergine & Lentil Bowl.

Phytates for the Treatment of Cancer

"Phytates for the Treatment of Cancer" - By Dr. Michael Greger - "Do the anti-cancer effects of phytates in a petri dish translate out into clinical studies on cancer prevention and treatment?

Are your genes making you fat & angry?

WHY did your best friend lose on the Diet but you cant seem to shift even How come your stick-thin cousin lives on burgers, while you only have to look at a hot chip to put on weight

#Infografia sobre la alimentación en la #TerceraEdad

Tips Nutritivos: Tu guía saludable



Prostate Cancer & Organic Milk vs. Almond Milk

Which is better for prostate health, organic milk or almond milk?