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Symposium: A non-decision with teeth

Last Wednesday President-elect Donald Trump said that he will nominate the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement within two weeks of taking office. If Trump wants a new justice on the bench befo

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Value of Consulting a Particular Education Attorney Los Angeles

Advocate, educate, investigate and litigate to advance and protect the rights of Californians with disabilities.

The Crying Shame of John Boehner | Politics News | Rolling Stone

The Crying Shame of John Boehner

I created this meme when I heard the news of Speaker Boehner crying after having his bugdet proposal rejected by the White House and then torn to shreds by members of his own party. All I did was add a few words to an image of Speaker Boehner crying.

Rick Reilly: Armstrong still worth honoring

Rick Reilly: Armstrong still worth honoring

Rick Reilly says we should wear yellow to honor Lance Armstrong, no matter our feelings on how he trained to ride his bike.

There's a whole industry dedicated to producing fake US news in Macedonia – and it's getting ready for 2020

The fake news machine: Inside a town gearing up for 2020

U.S. - The New York Times


The weapons, ready amplifiers of rage, allow a few people to kill scores and menace hundreds, and fight head-to-head against modern soldiers and police forces.

The Lawyer, the Addict

The Lawyer, the Addict

A high-powered Silicon Valley attorney dies. His ex-wife investigates, and finds a web of drug abuse in his profession. by EILENE ZIMMERMAN - Source: The New York Times

Facebook continues to resist calls for public disclosure of the Russia-linked ads that targeted American voters last year. But Senator Mark Warner is still pushing.

Mark Warner: I won't stop trying to expose fake Russia-linked Facebook ads

Democratic senators preparing bill to deal with online political advertising