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Emotional Dysregulation

Those who suffer from emotional dysregulation are often seen as aggressive, baiting, or testing others, and as generally trying to cause conflict.

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I am grieving again today. Once more I am mourning the senseless execution of beautiful souls torn to shreds in the prime of their lives and in the middle of their ordinary. I am grieving more prem.

"I’ve been told this by almost every doctor, physician assistant, nurse, family member, friend, and even strangers."

The Phrase That Has Haunted Me Since I Was Diagnosed With Rheumatoid Arthritis

A woman who struggles with depression describes her thoughts and shares an entry from her journal on a day when her depression symptoms are at their worst.

A therapy dog provides comfort and affection, and helps reduce anxiety in the settings it is invited into, such as hospitals, airports, schools and long-term care facilities. Think about the last encounter you had with a friendly, furry canine, and I dare you not to smile!

Held in June, “Pride” month commemorates the Stonewall riots of 1969 in the United States that sparked the LGBT* rights movement.

Depression: Don’t Believe Everything You Think | CTRI - Blog

Share this article: At times our thoughts can be so convincing that we do not question their accuracy; we simply accept them at face value. Whether we’re seeking a .