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Why do so many people regain weight after going on a diet?

Activating muscles deep in the leg that help keep blood and fluid moving through our bodies is essential to maintaining resting metabolic rate when we are sitting or standing quietly. The function of these muscles, called soleus muscles, is a major resear

The Best Way to Keep Weight Off

The Best Way to Keep Weight Off

Losing weight is only half the battle — for many people, the bigger challenge is keeping the pounds off over the long term. Here are the best science-based tips for weight-loss maintenance.

All About Absorption  Knowing how your body absorbs nutrients can help you fuel Your workouts – and your life.

Fast Track Liver Detox : Experience Life by Ann Louise Gittleman (who is the queen of weight loss)

ECO-RECICLAJE: Grieta de hielo en la Antártida se bifurca y acele...

A long-growing crack in the Larsen C ice shelf, one of Antarctica’s largest floating platforms of ice, appears to be nearing its endgame.

Aprender a diseñar tu propia dieta

¡Aprende a diseñar tu plan de dieta con estos trucos

猴肉? :0 - 玻利維亞 - 當地一個部族,日前被英國醫療雜誌,列為全球最健康飲食嘅團體。而佢地嘅食物來源係猴子還有食人魚,研究顯示,佢地患心臟病比率全球最低。華府郵報

美洲部落食猴肉 飲食全球最健康?

These people eat monkeys and piranhas. They also have the lowest rates of heart disease ever measured. - The Washington Post

Chloe Mergel: #InstitutionalRacismPersists #MarijuanaJobDisparities . This article discusses the enduring presence of racial inequality within the medical marijuana industry. The author highlights the fact that several unqualified white firms were chosen over qualified African American options. The commission responsible for choosing the firms stated they were favoring geographical diversity rather than racial diversity. Clearly, this subtle racism lives on (Fitzgerald, 2014, p.32)…

Want to see proof of institutional racism? Let weed open your eyes.

Greece has become the latest European country to legalise marijuana for medical purposes.Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said last week that doctors will soon be able to prescribe the drug for a vari…


Cancer-fighting power couple tackles mysteries of the immune system

More than 90 percent of coral in the Sekisei Lagoon in Okinawa has bleached.

More than 70 percent of Japan’s largest coral reef has died

More than 90 percent of coral in the Sekisei Lagoon in Okinawa has bleached.