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Can exercise make you look younger? - Personal Training San Diego

Studies are now showing there is a very good chance it can. Aging and all it’s encompassing characteristics — fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and

Dancing with Pride in San Diego

Thanks to an invite by the race director, Ricky, I had the pleasure of warming up the San Diego Pride The sun was hot this past Saturday but I didn't c

How Sunny San Diego is Helping You Lose Weight

How Sunny San Diego is Helping You Lose Weight - Loss you weight in days with Bootique Fitness & San Diego's Sunshine.

4 Running Myths – Crushed

The “Run” Down Many of us have certain ideas about running; how to train, how to prepare, what to eat, etc. Let’s get the real scoop on the most common run

We have Pride San Diego so let’s Dance!

Love Wins This year is an especially exciting time to celebrate San Diego Pride! We have lots to celebrate as the supreme court declared gay couples have t

Strength Training for Runners – Getting Strong for the Long Run

Even though we hit the pavement hard, it is important for runners to cross train. Not only does working on your strength build better muscles, it helps pre

Do Runners Need To Strength Train?

More Than Just the Run Whether you run in races or just for exercise, there is more to running training programs than just, well, running. Many runners thi

Videos of Zumba dancing at the San Diego Safari Half Marathon.

Zumba in the streets of San Diego We had a lot of fun dancing for 6 hours on Cinco de Mayo for the San Diego Safari Half Marathon Expo.

I'm planning on training for a Tough Mudder and this girl's story is good inspiration.

Officially a “Tough Mudder Chick”

If i ever decide to train for a Tough Mudder this girl's story is good inspiration.