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An Exercise for the Mind

An Exercise for the Mind

18 People Who Clearly Have Their Priorities In Order

Do you know your sh*t? Here's what your poop can tell you about your health . Just have to change the sh*t to poop and could use in health sci

Eat Half a Teaspoon of Turmeric Every Day

Arthritis Remedies Hands Natural Cures - Turmeric, commonly found in curry, is an increasingly popular spice. Not only is it delicious, it’s also effective in maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy body.

In June 2012, a 60 year-old man with flu-like symptoms walked into a private hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Two weeks later, he died from multiple organ failure, becoming the first victim of a mysterious virus that came to be known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS.

Middle East respiratory syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-Cov) - in yellow PHIL Image 18172

Home Automation

Home Automation


The life changing nature of brain tumors : causes, symptoms, treatments and suggestions for coping

People need to find ways to reduce chronic stress and anxiety in their lives or they may be at increased risk for developing depression and even dementia, a new scientific review paper warns.

Chronic stress, anxiety can damage the brain, increase risk of major psychiatric disorders

Around 10 percent of UK primary care patients prescribed antidepressants for depression or anxiety have undiagnosed bipolar disorder, a study has found.

Are you due for a cleaning and checkup? Call @OaktonFamilyDentist today to schedule your next visit! #DentalCleaning

Are you due for a cleaning and checkup? Call today to schedule your next visit!

Il me semble que l'on a pas de mélanine lorsqu'on est albinos.

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