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Exercise and Movement are Different: Why That Matters

An hour on a treadmill can't counter the effects of sitting still all day. Exercise and movement are different, and it's time to get more of the latter.

Title: Nutritious Movement for a Healthy Pelvis (Katy Bowman)

2 DVD's Provide Movement Solutions Your Body Needs

Stretching is Dangerous – Move Naturally to Achieve Health & Fitness

Traditional, static stretching often results in more harm than benefits. Learn natural movement stretches for fitness and flexibility that are healthy!

Make a Move: Endangered Natural Movements, Katy Bowman shares tips for adding more natural movements to your day.

Natural Movement for Optimal Health

We all know exercise is good for our bodies, but we often neglect keeping our bodies moving at all hours of the day. Read on to learn about why natural movement is in crisis and how you can get moving again!

Any object you use to knead, compress, stroke, or prod your body without breaking the skin is a stress-transfer medium—a massage tool that attempts to mimic the touch of another human being. Throughout history, people have used objects to rub out their aches and pains. The oldest device found ...

Your Movement Medicine Cabinet: What Are the Roll Model Balls, and How Do They Work?

How To Pelvic List - addendum to live strong article about 12 Foot and Ankle Exercises

Strong and healthy hips start with this great exercise that will help you walk better!

Natural Movement - Nourish your body from the ground up

Your feet are your most frequent point of contact with the earth, this means that whatever is happening at ground level will affect EVERYTHING higher