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Use this easy hypnotherapy exercise to beat your fear of networking

Be prepared. By “not caring” about food or “let’s just deal with it” attitude, you are leaving too many factors outside your control. People who strive to be healthy try their best to plan ahead and avoid pitfalls as much as possible.

Other ways to say ... Said, Went, Scared, Big, Small, Sad, Happy, Saw, Next, Great, Good, Bad, Positive Character Words, Negative Character Words, Time Transition Words for Narratives and Transition Words for Information and Argument Texts. (16 page digital download)

Synonyms Posters - WOW Words

This file consists of 14 WOW Word Posters, 2 Character Word Posters, one poster for Time Transition Words (for Narratives) and one poster for Transition Words

Assertiveness techniques Infographic

Assertiveness techniques Infographic

We are going to home school our kids, but that’s only because we hate education | The Matt Walsh Blog

We are going to home school our kids, but that's only because we hate education

The average person decides if they want to stay on your website after five seconds. So having a great value proposition is key to your business. Simply put your statement should consist of three components.

How to Create a Great Value Proposition

For those of us who didn't get a business degree the in's and out's of owning a business can be challenging. We know our trade but, the…

Tara Lynn, 29, plus size model  #plus size Fashion Inspiration

Fitted blazer, boyfriend jeans, ballet flats Tara Lynn, plus size model size Fashion Inspiration

optimism. Amen to this. Thank you to those good people in my life. Love you all. - wonder about argument that pessimism prevents disappointment | Great gift for someone you love: http://www.amazon.com/Silicone-Wedding-Ring-WeFido-Inexpensive/dp/B00YHSC8QA/ref=sr_1_44?ie

Optimism: is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you." The reverse is also true ~ pessimism is a people repellant.