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I don't know exactly what kind of gemstone this is but I like the fact that it's in a heart shape. ♥.•:*¨¨*:•.♥

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Some of the most beautiful minerals and stones

A selection of beautiful and unique minerals and stones, from rare opals and bismuth crystals, to perfectly-formed fluorite and rhodochrosite crystals and spectacular geodes.

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Citrine, one of the two minerals on the planet which does not hold or accumulate negative energy but rather dissipates and transmutes it. Hence, it never needs clearing or cleansing.

Purple Fluorite Crystal #gems #gem #metals #metal #rocks #rock #crystals #crystal #quartz #minerals #mineral

Vanadinite is an uncommon mineral, only occurring as the result of chemical alterations to a pre-existing material. It is therefore known as a secondary mineral. It is found in arid climates and forms by oxidation of primary lead minerals. Vanadinite is especially found in association with the lead sulfide, galena. Other associated minerals include wulfenite, limonite, and barite.

Cuprite, a copper mineral that was not known until 1845, is a secondary mineral of oxidizing sulfide-rich copper deposits. It's symmetry is in the Isometric system, but this specimen looks to have unequal axes of symmetry. This slightly more than one inch crystal is from Bisbee, Arizona. / Mineral Friends <3