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Why do I like these styles? They don't look good on me. Short bob

My baby would kill with this hair style, maybe not the red, but not far off... she's too professional for the red! LOL red/black hair

Louboutin Hair- a modern bob cut with fire engine red tipped and under-dyed- amazing!

purple and black hair-possibly my favourite hair colour combo, though royal blue is a very close 2nd.

Black Hair with Blonde Highlights for Short Hairstyles i actually love this ♥ i wish i could pull off short hair

Black French manicure. I tried doing this (with navy blue) and was told by an older woman of a certain age that they looked 'like they're dirty'! Not sure I liked it either - mine didn't look as fabulous as these...

Teal haircolor! I'm in a seriously teal phase right now right now. I doubt I could pull off my whole head though ;) love these colors together