vintage early american pyrex

8 Piece Pyrex Collection Early American Complete Refrigerator Set with 4 Piece Mixing Bowl Americana Federal Eagle

Vintage pyrex!

Vintage Pyrex Shenandoah Nesting Bowl Set 1982. $70.00, via Etsy.

Black Pyrex

these remind me of what my grandma had when I was growing up!


Vintage Pyrex Early American Cinderella Mixing Bowls Set of Three on Etsy, $32.50

Blue Dianthus Pyrex Cinderella Bowl Set In A Rare Pattern. Some think these were a promotional set.

Vintage Pyrex Early American Cinderella nesting by SugarLMtnAntqs

You see these bowls? They just became part of my kitchen collection. Thanks grandma ryan! Vintage Pyrex Butterprint Pattern

Pyrex spring blossom mixing bowls

Vintage Pyrex Gooseberry Pink Cinderella Bowl Set (I want to start collecting Vintage Pyrex, esp the pinks, blues & reds)

pink pyrex.

Turquoise Pyrex

Vintage Pyrex

Pink Pyrex

yellow Pyrex

Vintage Pyrex Nesting Bowls

Oh my goodness, I think I'll faint! Vintage Kid's Play Pyrex!!! wish i could find these