Ha ha ha ha.

slight resemblance.

julvett.deviantar... Her artwork on Harry Potter characters is amazing! Tons about Lily and James Potter

Older Lily and Snape in heaven

Harry Potter

AU Lily and Snape by julvett.deviantart.com

Ask Jily

"Fantasy again Potter?"

Young Lily and Snape... This is so sweet

perfect xD

Should of been in the movie

"The Calm Before" ( James & Lily w/ Harry )

Umbridge haha

james, lily and sirius :) by http://vanscribbles.tumblr.com/

love their relationship #jamespotter #lilyevans #harrypotter

Aw she's thankful because she has her muggle family and sees how plain muggle school could be and loves her chance at excitement and this incredible knowledge.


Harry Potter Next Generation by Burdge-bug.... I LOVE THIS

Harry Potter Hogwarts Watercolor Art 1

The 30 Most Perfectly Timed Tumblr Posts [ I HAD TO PIN FOR THIS PICTURE!!! OMG!!!!!!!]