Love, love, love container gardening! Must plant some palms in big containers for the entrance way.

15 Tips for Great Winter Pots

Hellebore (also called Christmas rose) early bloomer.  Shade perennial. looks delicate, but quite sturdy once established.. grows 12 inches tall.  "Heronswood Double" offers frilly petal packed blooms in several colors.  Plant with gold-leaf coralbells such as "lime Rickey" or "citronelle" which will shine even brighter against dark green hellebore leaves.

Our Favorite Shade Garden Perennials

Hellebore (Helleborus), also called Christmas rose, is one of the earliest bloomers of plants that grow in shade. Hellebore grows best in Zones and grows 12 inches tall

Check out these easy DIY curb appeal!

9 Curb Appeal DIY Projects

9 {Easy} DIY Curb Appeal Projects I love the bronze painted lights and matching edging - this will happen here!

Dahlia Bristol Karma. Flowers From A Country Garden

Flowers From A Country Garden

Plant of the week: Helleborus 'Ivory Prince' - Ciscoe -

Shade Garden: Helleborus Ivory Prince (Walhelivor) Purchased in container, need to plant in ground by late August

blue paradise phlox. has a vanilla clove aroma... say no more!

Large clusters of blue flowers with a delightful fragrance from mid-summer. Phlox are undemanding, richly flowering border plants that will grow in any fertile moist soil in sun or part shade.