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Story of my Life! I do this, seriously, all the time. The worst part is: when you actually do finish the story and no one else laughs.

Duck face!  @Robin Hagaman you are not dumb at all but thought of you when I saw this after making fun of you so much for the duck face pics

Funny pictures about Duckface girls. Oh, and cool pics about Duckface girls. Also, Duckface girls.

Actually it's me washing the dishes and Adam slowly putting his dirty dishes in the sink

That awkward moment when i'm doing dishes and my family slowly puts their dishes in the sink. All the time :)

Not just for teenagers

Teenager Post - The best kinds of laughter: Laughing so hard that your laugh becomes silent. Feeling a 6 pack coming. tears coming out of your eyes.

Barbie & Ken

Barbie and Ken Wedding Album - THIS IS HILARIOUSLY AMAZING! someone had way too much time on their hands!it's been a while since i've played with Barbie dolls.what happened to Ken's perfect plastic blonde hair?

Happy Birthday to me

Usually have a very uncomfortable smile on my face while staring at the cake so I don't make eye contact with the "happy birthday" singers! But even more awkward. SINGING happy birthday to someone. "um excuse, what key are we singing in?

hate math | Hate math !!! | Tee Hee and Giggle!

Teenager Post Yes. Because everyone buys 6 cars, then drivers each for 17 hours, exept for three, those were driven for twelve. And takes a fifteen minute nap In between each one.

Lilo não era como as outras crianças da Disney — ela era gordinha, estranha e meio obscura. | "Lilo

"Lilo & Stitch" foi o filme da Disney mais REALISTA de todos os tempos

When my crush gets into a relationship.leave me alone to die. (so my situation right now) *thanks Summer!

hahahahaaaa... at my fake wedding I'm using my favorite wedding video of two people I don't know. (check it out in my love wedding stuff album) hahahaaa

OMG this made me laugh. I'll start a wedding board soon. JUST to put up things for my imaginary wedding lol