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August 1981 full-page newspaper ad run by Apple in the Wall Street Journal welcoming IBM to the personal computer marketplace. #advertising

hartmut esslinger's early apple computer and tablet designs - designboom | architecture

Creative Alaskan Brewing Print Ads | #Advertising

Apple's 1997 Think Different ad. And ad that changed the perception about Apple and paved the way to the start of a new era for the company. It was able to set Apple apart from the rest of the companies in the competitive industry it plays in. Hats off to Steve Jobs. Brilliant!

Guinness: Welcome Home Poster Ad | #Advertising

In these vintage tech ads, the computers and gadgets are way larger and clunkier, the text's a straight-up cheese-fest, and the graphics are so totally '80s. #1980s #computers #vintage #retro #techvana

Webdesigner Depotfrom Webdesigner Depot

The Evolution of Apple Ads

The Evolution of Apple Ads | 1980s #advertising #history #apple #ad #1980...Appealing to business leaders -buy an Apple as an incentive and a motivational tool.