Bangkok, Thailand: A flowerhorn fish

Flower Horn Fish. This funny and cute looking fish is called "Flowerhorn fish". The bigger and more colorful the fish's hump is, the more expensive it is. This picture is taken at J.J. Mall, Bangkok, Thailand.

Elephant fish


'Blue Eyes' - A moray eel in Indonesia Photograph: Michael McEvoy. And to think he's completely comfortable with his appearance.

Lookdown Fish

Jelly Fish...amazing!

Tiger Octopus

The Giant Stingray, found in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia's muddy rivers, can grow up to 1,200 pounds. Due to their painful sting, they're also called "wish-you-were-dead fish." (photo: Zeb Hogan)

Jellyfish Medusas, Art Inspiration, Jellys Aliens, Jelly Belly, Illustration, Photo, Jelly Fish

Warbonnets are little fish known for their intricate cirri atop their heads and faces. This little four inch fish seeminly has a bit of attidtude as it peers into the camera.

Crocodile fish

Hairy frogfish

jelly fish

Blobfish This gelatinous mass lives off the Australian coast in the Indian Ocean. What's so extraterrestrial about this deep-sea dweller? It's all face! As if it was trying to camouflage itself as a human, but stopped at the head part. Blobfish is also almost all fat and terribly ugly.

one fish, two fish....

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Translucent fish! (I think they are freshwater fish.)

Green Frog Fish

Arothron meleagris, commonly known as the guineafowl puffer or golden puffer, is a pufferfish from the Indo-Pacific, and Eastern Pacific. It is occasionally harvested for the aquarium trade. It reaches 50 cm in length. Also found in a golden form.