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    YES!!! oh i wish i'd had this in l.a.!

    • Kristen Harding

      Oh the signs I could make!! and just keep handy in the car!..... The question is would this increase or decrease my road rage??

    • Brian Roberts

      I secretly want to do this all the time:) Id like to have a little billboard on top of car and you push a button for the quote you want to use...some not so nice...:)

    • Annette Vetre

      I have never needed this sign more in all my driving years as I have since moving to Mississippi...people get into the fast lane and slow to 40...and just STAY there. Cars will pile up behind them and flash their lights, tailgate them, etc...and they DO.NOT/Move. It happens all day everyday. The end.

    • Michelle Davis

      @Sylvia Davis. We both NEEEED this sign SO bad. Ugh, slow drivers in the fast lane, one of my biggest pet peeves!

    • Tammy Serrano

      Get out of the fast lane, moron! I'm going to make myself some signs to carry with me in the car now!

    • Barbara Unsworth

      I am going to make one of these signs to keep in my car for the hubby! Love it! of course moron is a lot nicer word than he uses ; )

    • Ron Edge

      This covers two of my categories: funny stuff and Great Ideas. I'm making some of these!

    • Kristen Burns

      "Get out of the fast lane, moron!" #humor #funny #driving #cars

    • Shantel Veater


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    I SOOO need this!!

    Truly the best feeling in the world.

    Obviously :-)

    This man should never be forgotten.

    the fun of swear words:)

    I can never unsee it.


    Thats me

    This guys is the best

    SO TRUE --> therefore i shall pin it to my funny board { I say in a British accent }

    If I could count the times I heard this growing up...

    So true :p


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    Arizona all the way


    It be this way most times lol

    I has it. :)

    Its funny, but its not...