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  • Melody Langinbelang

    cleaning microfiber couch and it works great! (rubbing alcohol)

  • Jessica Church

    Cleaning Micro fiber with rubbing alcohol!

  • Dahlia Jones

    My couch needs a good scrub down with her microfiber couch cleaner remedy: all you need is rubbing alcohol, a sponge, and a scrubber with hard brissles. :)

  • Jenna Robinson

    How to Clean Microfiber Furniture The microfiber sofa in our living room has seen better days, but I'm not letting it go without a fight! I bought the sofa about six years ago when I moved into my first solo apartment. It's super comfy and I love the simple, but sophisticated design. The big problem is the color... I love the super light tan, but it shows every little bit of dirt that touches it. Not too practical for our 60 pound furry friend! Calvin doesn't shed at all, but he does tromp in dirt from the yard. He's also turned the couch into his own personal napkin and loves to rub his face along the front edge to dry off after taking a drink. After a while, the front of the cushions look like this (gross, I know): While microfiber is stain resistant, it can be a real challenge to clean because it's a polyester-based material so water will leave a permanent mark when it dries. That means most carpet and upholstery cleaners won't work. We almost got rid of the couch before we moved because it had gotten so nasty, but after piecing together a few tricks from the magical internet, I tried one more last-ditch effort to clean it and it worked! Here's the scoop... Step 1: Vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any hair/crumbs/etc Step 2: Spray rubbing alcohol onto the dirty area This sounds a bit crazy, but it's key. The alcohol won't saturate the fabric and evaporates much quicker than water so it won't leave a mark. Just test in an inconspicuous spot if you're worried about colorfastness. Step 3: Rub vigorously with a clean scrub sponge Make sure the scrubbing surface is white or the color could transfer. Plus you'll be able to see all the grime coming off your furniture. Be prepared to be grossed out (and secretly thrilled) - this sponge was white before! Step 4: Let the area dry completely The fabric may look stiff or dark in places, but the next step will take care of that. Step 5: Rub with a clean, soft scrub brush in a circular motion Again, be sure to use a brush with white bristles to avoid discoloration. This step fluffs up the surface of the fabric to make it soft again. That's it... very simple, but effective! Check out the before and after...

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