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Sir John Mills 'Hobson's Choice'

The Face Behind the Mask (1941) (Full HD Movie) with Peter Lorre & Evely...

Turner Classic Movies to Honor Shirley Temple Black with Tribute Sunday, March 9 and Broadcast Her Classic Movies #TCM

Eleanor Parker and Richard Haydn on the set of The Sound of this photo.

'You ask me to turn yellow so those kids will think I'm no good...throw away the only thing I've got left. Nothing doing. You're asking too wanna help those kids, you gotta think about some other way.'

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken! :) It's about that time again. The annual viewing of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken!!!

Rocky Sullivan (James Cagney): [facing the electric chair] "No! I don't want to die! Oh, please! I don't want to die! Oh, please! Don't make me burn in hell. Oh, please let go of me! Please don't kill me! Oh, don't kill me, please!" -- Rocky acts like a coward to save the Dead End kids from a life of crime in the underworld. From Angels with Dirty Faces (1938) directed by Michael Curtiz