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    “Dressed for the winter”  Fine Art Print by Alan Mattison, Icelandic ponies are fully protected against the cold… In fact they love the cold weather!

    Resins Oliver and Elsie sculpted by Sarah Mink and painted by 'DestrierModels' Emilia Kurila


    miniature appy

    Shetland Pony stallion Halstock X-plorer

    knock.. knock... (rePinned 082613TLK) ...hey, let us in...we found him out in the yard, and he says he's one of us...he just hit his growth spurt early...

    Little one - foal mini horse

    That horse kind of looks like my Buttercup except a TON smaller!

    I want to snuggle him. and take him for walks through the neighborhood

    Miniature Black-Chubary appy named Florian van de Kruisstraar

    and this is why i want mini's!!! lol


    This is exactly what I look like in the morning...freckles & all. Therefore, I shall name him: Mini-Me!! ~W

    Dutch Appaloosa Pony mare Kristi and her filly Oda

    Appaloosa Pony stallion Amani vom Fasanenschroom

    Very Pretty Coloring on this pony. The gray look of the spots is due to appaloosa roaning pattern, as horses with a gray parent are excluded in the appaloosa breed

    I first saw Miniature Horses at the Kentucky State Fair. I don't know how to explain it, but they are not ponies.

    Beautiful baby horse rearing with excitement!

    Such a cute shetland ! Probably why those prices … ;p

    Appaloosa pony. Sometimes spots before your eyes are a good thing.

    Shetland Pony. The Shetland pony is tough little horse native to the Shetland Islands of northern Scotland.

    Appy indian horse Appaloosa horse equine native american pony leopard blanket spotted snow cap

    frisons, irish cob, frison, gypsy cob, friesian, gypsy vanner, cheval, chevaux, horse, horses.

    Just beautiful!